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VAWD Engineering is an Arizona based 8(a) (applied for), woman owned, small business.
Our engineering staff has extensive experience in successfully executing accelerated development, testing, and field validation of biometrics-based technologies, resulting in products that provide the highest value to our customers.
Our services are available to Defense, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Commercial clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is STORMS and what is STTW radar?

STORMS is a human life-form detection system based on an advanced penetrating radar. STTW or See-Through-The-Wall radar is a class of penetrating radars that are used to identify targets within buildings and structures.

2) Does STORMS “see” through walls & obstructions? How does STORMS work?

No. No system actually “sees” through walls. STORMS “senses” by transmitting an advanced electromagnetic waveform through walls and other obstructions then receives the return waves that have bounced off of the targets and other materials in its path. STORMS uses the Doppler and Micro Doppler signatures to detect, classify, identify and track moving and stationary human life-form targets behind the walls/obstructions.

We Design, Engineer, and Build
img Next Generation Radars
img Smart and Adaptive Sensors
img Constant Reconnaissance and Surveillance Sensors
img Biometric Radar
img Sense through obstructions sensors
img Low power, small and precision radar architecture
Engineering Services


A full-service resource for a wide range of design services. We provide hardware and software design including:

  img Architecture Development

  img Analog, Digital and RF Board Design

  img DSP Algorithm Development

  img Embedded Processor

  img Firmware & Embedded SW

  img Schematic Capture

  img PCB Layout

  img Prototyping

  img Board Testing

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